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About the Author

Hey there! I'm glad you're here. As Pete Townshend once wrote quite self-deprecatingly, let me tell you some more about myself.

Most of you probably first heard of me via my writing at, where I serve as editor in chief as well as one of the main contributors. Some of you may have learned of me from reading my twice-weekly columns in the Detroit News.

But the truth is that my passion is not for politics. I am good at writing about it, but my true heart is for the things you will read about here.

As I write this, I am in training to become a pastor, and I expect to work mainly in teaching and deliverance. (If you don't know what deliverance is, spend much time on this site and you soon will. My books should provide a pretty good hint.) On this site I will examine the spiritual condition of the nation and discuss perspectives on how God's people can walk through Christ in greater spiritual power and eviscerate the darkness (to quote the last three words of my most recent book) that looms over America. And if you think I'm only talking in ideological terms, prepare to learn otherwise.

I am also a massive baseball fan, particularly of the Detroit Tigers, so I will share my thoughts on that and other things as my heart moves me.

Aside from the Lord, however, my greatest passion is for my family - my wife of 16 years, Angie, and our 13-year-old son, Tony. I love them. I can't think of any stronger words that really do that love justice. But if you read here regularly, you will understand this.

I want you to know my heart about something: I ache when I see that people are hurting. I want to help, sometimes too much so. But what I have learned is that everyone can overcome the pain in their hearts if they can learn to come into alignment with God in their spirits - and I want to help you by teaching you how to do that. The more people are helped, the more we can move toward renewal on a national scale - and America desperately needs that.

We live in Grandville, Michigan and are members of Bethel Abundant Life Center Church under Pastor Jathan K. Austin. If you want to label me denominationally, feel free to call me Pentecostal. I'll wear that quite happily.

So that's me. Bookmark the site and come back often, but be ready to be challenged. I got your spiritual victory right here!