Do you really want to know what surrounds you?
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The Bible warns us in no uncertain terms that we face real, willful spiritual enemies in our lives. Whether we believe God's Word or not, these forces war against us.
The Royal Oak Series is about people who come to recognize this threat so clearly, their terror is matched only by the realization that they are called to action, and by their determination to rise up.
My characters are flawed, and their flaws hamper their effectiveness. But God has done great things through some pretty weak vessels, so their flaws are not cause for the reader to abandon hope.
UPDATE (December 6, 2013): The Lord prevailed upon my heart earlier this year to remove the objectionable language and graphic descriptions that bothered so many in this series. I explain further on my Facebook page, but today I'm announcing that the revisions of all three books are now complete and available. Any orders from this point forward will bring you only the new versions.
- Dan Calabrese